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How To Change A Flat Tire in 10 Simple Steps

Sooner or later every driver – yes, even you – will need to change a flat tire. It’s just one of those inevitable laws of driving. If you’re not sure how to change a flat, follow these 10 simple steps and you should be perfectly fine.

1. Find a safe spot

If you discover a flat when you’re driving, pull over at a safe spot. Switch your hazard lights on and if you have any fluorescent markers place them at a safe distance from your vehicle to warn other.

2. Undo lug nuts

Using a wrench, PARTIALLY loosen your wheel’s lug nuts. This will make it easier to remove the wheel when it’s in the air.

3. Use a jack to lift your vehicle

Place your jack beneath the chassis of your vehicle (there should be a jack point near the wheel hub) and slowly lift the vehicle until it’s 6-8 inches off the ground.

4. Detach lug nuts

Once again using a wrench, COMPLETELY remove the lug nuts and place them in a safe place.

5. Remove flat tire

Carefully remove the wheel / tire and place it safely away from the road.

6. Fit spare tire

Collect your spare wheel / tire and place it carefully on the wheel base.

7. Reattach lug nuts

Replace the lug nuts and PARTIALLY tighten them. Don’t overdo it or your vehicle could fall off the jack.

8. Use a jack to lower your vehicle

Gently lower the vehicle using the jack.

9. Do lug nuts up

With the vehicle back on solid ground, use the wrench to COMPLETELY tighten the lug nuts.

10. Pack up & hit the road

Place your flat tire, wrench, jack and any other tools you’ve used back in your car and you’re ready to go. Be sure to arrange to have the flat repaired / replaced as soon as possible.

If you’re still not confident enough to change your flat tire, and if you’re based in or around Houston, get in touch with us here at Golden Towing and their network of licensed affiliates and we’ll happily take care of that flat for you.