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Battery Jump Start

Battery Jump Start – By Qualified Roadside Professionals

There are several reasons why a battery jump start may be needed. The most common one is the simple mistake of leaving the headlights on while our vehicle is parked with its engine not running. Modern vehicles have preventive measures installed to automatically keep this from happening but still dead battery situations are encountered due to malfunctions or just because the battery itself is growing old and needs replacing.
Whatever the reason that has left a car’s battery flat the result is the same, the engine cannot be started and we are faced with a major setback. The good news is that many times a battery jump start is all that’s needed to solve the situation, this is why at Golden Towing and our licensed affiliates we offer a 24/7 battery jump start service as part of our comprehensive roadside assistance services.

The Makings of a Good Battery Jump Start Service

Performing a battery jump start may seem trivial at first but many times a professional touch is needed. Car batteries are many times hidden under protective covers, the battery poles may need to be exposed, incorrect connecting of the jumper cables may cause damage to a vehicles electric systems.
This is why when in need of a battery jump start it may be a good idea to just call in professionals instead of trying to find a good Samaritan who has jumper cables and the necessary know-how.
At Golden Towing we know how precious your time is, we pride ourselves at maintaining the type of infrastructure which enables us to provide the fastest, most efficient and professional auto towing and roadside assistance services, battery jump start included.

Proud To Be Part Of The Community

Our 24/7 dispatch allows you to call on us any time since we know our way around Houston we will be at your side in no time and have you on your way quicker than you could hope for.
Our techs are all dedicated, service-oriented professionals, just the kind you would like to have to help you when your car is giving you trouble.
We and our network of independently owned and licensed affiliates offer comprehensive 24/7 roadside assistance services:

  • Gas filling
  • Battery jump start
  • Flat tire change
  • Car lock picking
  • Key stuck in ignition
  • Car battery change
  • Any other roadside assistance you may require