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Wrecker Service

Golden Towing – Professional Wrecker Service

Owning a car is terrific. That is, until they crash, break down, or are otherwise rendered useless. Then, owning a car becomes horrific. In such cases, the first order of business should be contacting a professional and reliable wrecker towing service provider. Only leading service providers will be able to provide you with extensive wrecker services, including clearing crashed vehicles and their parts from accident sites, and the like.

A wrecker towing for all purposes

When a car requires wrecker towing services, it usually means it’s in bad shape. If that’s the case the situation requires professionals with wrecker towing expertise. Such expertise is required in order to make sure that no additional damage will be subjected to your car and to make sure that no harm comes to pass to any bystanders during the towing process.

When should wrecker towing be used?

Whenever there are incapacitated vehicles involved, professional wrecker towing services should be used. Whether we’re talking about misshapen cars and vehicles as a result of vehicular accidents and whether we’re talking about broken down cars, wrecker towing services is the best solution you can get in order to get your car where you need it to be.

Advantages of wrecker towing

When performed by professional and certified technicians, wrecker towing offers several advantages.

The physical shape of the towed car: when talking about wrecker towing it does not matter what shape your car is in. wrecker tow trucks can tow cars in practically any shape.

Safety: being formidable vehicles by themselves wrecker tow trucks offer a completely safe, smooth, and harm-free ride for the vehicle it tows and for others.

Golden Towing and their network of licensed affiliates – other roadside emergency services

Besides wrecker towing our expert team of certified and bonded technicians will be happy to provide you with extensive roadside emergency solutions, including:

  • Local distance towing and  long distance towing
  • dolly, flatbed, and motorcycle towing
  • extensive recovery services
  • Flat tires changing
  • Car lockouts
  • Out of gas situations
  • Car battery jump starts
  • Car battery replacements
  • And much more