Golden Towing Pasadena

Nobody wants to imagine accidents happening on the road but the fact is it is sometimes unavoidable. The great thing is if you ever run into one and would need any kind of roadside assistance or towing Pasadena TX, Golden Towing has got your back.

Our team and network affiliate experts are experienced in handling all types of roadside assistance and they are prepared to help in any kind of situation. We are a fully licensed and bonded auto towing company providing 24/7 dispatch service in the Pasadena Texas area.

You can expect only the highest quality of service from our technicians and staff and the most competitive prices.

Fast Response Times

Let Golden Towing rescue you when you need roadside assistance Pasadena TX. If you ever find yourself in an emergency on the road, just give us a call and our team will be there before you even know it. Our response time is the fastest among all the towing companies in the area.

If your vehicle suddenly decides to break down on the road, you need reliable people who actually care to help you out and not just to get the job out of the way. Our technicians care about our customers and they genuinely want to get you out of harm’s way, get your vehicle fixed and finally get you back on track to wherever you are headed.

We understand that having a vehicle break down in the middle of the road is already a big hassle and we want to help make the entire roadside assistance process easy for you. Some towing companies only add to the stress by taking so much time fixing your vehicle. Our team is fast and efficient so you would not miss another minute in your busy day.

Dependable Auto Repair

Whatever is wrong with your car or truck, our technicians have the necessary skills and years of experience to handle and repair it for you. If you have problems with your transmission, engine, brakes, and other things, they will figure out what the problem is and advice you of the best possible solution and do it.

Professional Team of Expert Technicians

Our technicians are certified to get the job done right. They have undergone rigorous training and continue to train to improve their skills. They can handle all types of issues with your vehicle and they are equipped with the best tools to get your car back in order.

We use only the most advanced technology in our repair truck and our technicians know how to make the best use of these tools.

Friendly Staff

When you call, a friendly customer support will be on the other end of the line. They will listen to you and make sure that they understand what the issue is with your car before sending anyone out. This saves you time and energy in having to deal with incorrect service requests.

Our staff are always friendly and most of all, they treat you with respect. We understand that your time and money are valuable so we make sure not to waste an ounce of them.

Pasadena TX Towing and Other Services

We provide all types of roadside assistance almost anywhere in the Pasadena TX area. Here are just some of them.

Emergency Roadside Assistance

Our towing technicians have the most updated knowledge and skills in provide roadside assistance and Pasadena TX towing in emergency situations. If you need your car or truck towed in the middle of the night, our team will be there and get you home safe and sound.

Car Jumpstart

Whether it’s the middle of a busy day or in the dead of the night, you may run into situations when you would need a battery jump start. Usually, this is due to a simple mistake of leaving your headlights on while your car is parked and the engine continues to run. While modern cars have systems in place to prevent these scenarios, it can still be unavoidable sometimes.

Dead battery situations happen due to malfunctions or sometimes, your battery has just been around too long and needs replacement. Whatever caused this problem, our technicians will come to you with the best tools to get your engine started again.

These are the other services that we provide for roadside emergency situations in the area, including car lockout Pasadena TX:

  • 24 hour auto towing
  • Emergency roadside assistance
  • Gas filling
  • Key stuck in ignition
  • Car jumpstart
  • Car tire replacement
  • Long distance towing
  • Change car battery
  • Car lock picking
  • Tow truck services
  • Accident towing services
  • Flatbed towing
  • Car towing dolly


Reasonable Prices for All Types of Emergency Services

The most important thing for a towing company that provides towing Pasadena TX to understand is that emergency situations on the road causes a lot of inconveniences. That includes financial loss to customers. We want to help by providing the best services with the most reasonable prices.

It is difficult enough that you lost valuable time and sometimes, money when your roadside emergency prevents you from going to work. Some towing companies would take advantage of this and charge you unreasonable prices because you don’t have a choice but to pay for their service.

At Golden Towing, we take pride in providing high quality service while offering the best prices in the Pasadena TX area. We will let you know right away the cost of the service and there will be no surprise charges. Our prices are upfront and honest just like the quality of our work.

Give Us A Call!

So, the next time you are in need of roadside assistance Pasadena TX, don’t hesitate to dial our number and a staff will assist you right away to get the help that you need. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Take note of our company name because we are the best you can find in this area. We will get you out of your emergency and right back to where you are headed.